Solo – Pieces for unaccompanied Horn

[1] – [6] JOHAN SEBASTIAN BACH (1685-1750): Suite no.1,  BWV.1007         Youtube Clip

[7] BERNHARD KROL (1920-): Laudatio          Youtube Clip

[8] SIGURD BERGE (1929-2002): Hornlokk (1972)      Youtube Clip

[9] CHARLES KOECHLIN (1867-1950): Monodie, op.218 bis         Youtube Clip

[10] TRYGVE MADSEN (1940-): The Dream of the Rhinoceros (1994)      Youtube Clip

[11] VITALY BUYANOVSKY (1928-1993): España        Youtube Clip

[12] STEPHEN DODGSON (1924-): Cor Leonis (1990)      Youtube Clip

Bonus Track

[13] GIOACCHINO ROSSINI (1792-1868) [arr. Hermann Baumann]: Le Rendez-vous de Chasse



Afinaudio Records IRFC.08.140, 2011

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  • «A WONDERFUL RECORDING! Silva’s control of the entire register, flexibility and expression is impressive and really great to listen to. I think this recording will have great success.»

Sören Hermansson (Sweden)

International soloist

  • «Bernardo Silva’s excellent new CD “Solo” shows off his rich, warm sound, and beautiful, thoughtful musicianship. His playing sings in beautiful phrases, and then unleashes pure passion and wonderful fury at just the right moments. It is great to hear some of my favorite pieces for solo horn played so masterfully.»

Thomas Bacon (U.S.A.)

International soloist

  • «Silva’s new CD is a wonderful contribution to the archive of unaccompanied horn literature.  From Bach and Rossini to Krol, Buyanovsky, and beyond, his beautiful sound and outstanding musicianship prove that the horn is just fine on its own, especially in his hands.»

Jeffrey Snedeker (U.S.A.)

Recording Artist, professor in Central Washington University

  • «This disc includes an impressive list of unaccompanied works that allow Silva to display a rich, luxurious tone and impressive agility. The Bach is performed fairly straight ahead. While I personally would like a bit more rubato, the agility and technique he displays with confidence makes for a commanding performance.

The inclusion of the Berge, Krol, and Buyanovsky is appreciated as these selections are appearing regularly on audition and competition lists, as well as on collegiate recitals. It is always gratifying to hear different interpretations to gain further insight to performance possibilities. Silva does not disappoint. The Krol is performed in a straight-ahead fashion with excellent attention to articulations, tempo, and dynamics. His use of occasional rubato and stretch are tastefully done. His spacious approach to tempo and tone is appreciated. The Berge is full of pitfalls for the performer and Silva performs brilliantly, especially in the notorious passage at the end of the second page and the beginning of the third where everyone wishes they had a third lung. The Buyanovsky allows the soloist to display significant color variances and rapid articulation passages. Silva does not hold back on the tempo and he is at ease with the challenge. I particularly like the more subdued stopped horn color he chose.

Many hornists may not know the Koechlin, Madsen, or Dodgson works, wich are refreshing to hear. Through the solid performances on this disc, these works may be discovered by others. Silva display superior control over the entire compass of the instrument, whether exploring the extreme upper range (Koechlin), or the lower range (Dodgson).

Silva’s efforts to produce an impressive disc of unaccompanied horn music is appreciated. Such a task is formidable and, as one knows who has performed such works, there is no place to hide, or coast. Performers must be at the top of their game in order to give coherence to these works so they are not perceived as rambling. The performances here are well planned, interesting, and given with confidence.»

Eldon Matlick, University of Oklahoma (U.S.A.)

In “The Horn Call” (Journal of the International Horn Society)– October 2011


  • «J. Bernardo Silva, …, has released his second horn CD. Featuring pieces only for solo horn, Silva demonstrates great knowledge and understanding of the solo repertoire but also shows great skill and technique in a range of different styles.»

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